Research project

OrthoNav: Diagnostic and surgical mixed reality navigation tool for orthopedic surgery

Oslo University Hospital

Project period

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In this project we are developing a tool to perform 3D dynamic examination of bone and joints using the Microsoft HoloLens headset. The user is presented with 3D holograms where the real and virtual worlds merge and interact in real time, so called “mixed reality”. The surgeon will see a 3D hologram of the patient’s skeleton superimposed on the patient in real time thereby creating “x-ray” vision. The hologram is made based on CT images of the actual patient. The surgeon will be able to see how the joints and bones interact during clinical examination and surgery. This will give more precise diagnosis, safer and more accurate surgery, and better understanding of bone and joint pathology.

Main goal

The main objective of OrthoNav is to create a 3D diagnostic tool for medical professionals to inspect and quantify pathological orthopaedic hip and femoral deformities during motion. The project combines achievements in mixed reality 3D visualization and optical tracking of the patient’s joints and skeleton.

The potential for safer, better and quicker diagnosis, surgery and education of surgeons using this technology is huge. The approach can be extended to the entire field of orthopaedic surgery, and it is our sincere belief that this new approach will totally change the way we diagnose skeletal pathology in the entire field of orthopaedic surgery. Some potential application fields include feet and ankle, upper and lower extremity, hand, spine as well as trauma surgery. Therefore, this technology has the potential to be in every examining room worldwide.