Research project

HoloViz: Mixed Reality 3D Visualisation and Interaction for Surgery Using HoloLens

Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital

Project period

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Visualization of medical images and organs in 3D is gaining importance in healthcare, especially for surgery applications. Understanding the patient specific 3D anatomy helps surgeons better prepare for surgery, thus delivering better treatment to patients. The project contributed with valuable insight about the applicability of mixed reality solutions to better patient safety both through better preoperative planning and intraoperatively. The project also contributed with three mixed reality applications that are available for further clinical research.

Main goal

The aim of the project was to develop an optimal mixed reality experience for surgeons to better plan surgical procedures, and with the end goal of providing mixed reality 3D visualization and interaction during surgery. HoloViz focused on three surgical scenarios: liver resection planning, a cutting tool for heart models, and mitral valve alignment with transapical approach positioning. On completion of the project, further clinical studies will be carried out to empirically determine the clinical impact of such systems for surgical procedures and patients.