Research project

HoloNav: Patient Orientation and Instrument Tracking with HoloLens During Surgery

Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital

Project period

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The Intervention Center at Oslo University Hospital have been focusing on visualization of preoperative models and surgery planning using the Microsoft HoloLens. The HoloNav project aims to bring the models used in pre-operative planning to the operating room. The challenge is that the patient’s body might be oriented differently on the operating table than what the CT or MR images of the patient show. To use the HoloLens intraoperatively, the patient-specific models must be oriented and placed in relation to the actual patient on the operating table. To provide actual value to the surgeon, it is important to accurately detect and track the surgical tools during the operation. The combination of accurate orientation of the preoperative model with tracking of the tools will provide the surgeons with much needed navigational assistance and result in increased patient safety. 

Main goal

The main goal of this research project is to increase patient safety by combining the possibilities of the HoloLens with additional navigational solutions to adapt mixed reality solutions to surgery specific use. When successful, the combination of the capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens with medical navigation tools will enable surgeons to better follow the preoperative plan using mixed reality during the surgery. Furthermore, the insights and solutions gained in this project will be transferrable to other projects within mixed reality in health.