Research project

CTrue: Safe Radical D3 Right Hemicolectomy for Cancer through Preoperative Biphasic Multidetector Computed Tomography

Akershus University Hospital

Project period

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The “Safe Radical D3 Right Hemicolectomy for Cancer through Preoperative Biphasic

Multidetector Computed Tomography” is a multicenter trial with base at Akershus University Hospital. It  has ethical committee approval from the regional ethical committee (REK Sør-Øst no. 2010/3354), and is registered at on May 9th, 2011. From its beginning, this trial has embraced the concept of individualized patient anatomy and patient tailored surgery through 3D reconstruction of high resolution preoperative CT scans.

During the past 8 years, our research team has acquired a unique set of skills and knowledge within 3D modelling of complex vascular structures important for the surgical treatment of colon cancer patients. This work has allowed us to uncover new anatomical knowledge relevant for the improvement and standardization of colon cancer surgery. In this way, we have been able to produce over 20 scientific publications regarding the anatomy and surgical technique for colon cancer operations, along with front-page recognition on peer-reviewed international journals as well as awards in international surgical congresses.

Preoperative awareness of the anatomy allows for better planning and safer surgery in a region of the body where life threatening bleedings can occur. For this reason, we anticipate to generate an internal “change-of-culture” by introducing new surgical visualization technologies, where traditionally time-consuming, high-precision vascular dissections have the potential to become easier to learn and perform thanks to better understanding of the anatomy.

Our research group at AHUS has now seen  the compatibility of  our 3D anatomical models with Mixed Reality technology through the use of the Microsoft Hololens. Here, we see the potential for  superimposing complex blood vessel images into the patient’s body right before the first incision is made. With this “seeing the unseen” method, we expect to create a safer intraoperative system of tissue dissection as an innovative guidance tool for surgeons performing extended lymphadenectomy for right-sided colon cancer.

Main goal

The goal of the CTrue project at AHUS is to develop and validate  a viable surgical navigation system and understand the potential of this technology before it can be implemented in clinical workflows. The project will contribute with valuable insight about the applicability of mixed reality solutions to better patient safety during colon surgery for cancer patients.