Dynamic Pathology



The Challenge

Orthopedic surgeries account for approximately 60% of all surgeries worldwide and are often based upon traditional x-rays. However, understanding an individual's pathology from a static, two-dimension image is insufficient, and often leaves a surgeon unable to identify or repair pain-centric areas. 

The Solution

In OrthoNav, HoloLens is used to display holograms of the patient’s skeletal structure and associated range of motion, thereby allowing physicians to visualize the dynamic pathology of each individual patient

By using optical sensors placed on the patient we are able to see how the holograms move on the Hololens in relation to the actual movement of the patient's legs, arms, hands, feet or back. In this way we achieve a kind of x-ray vision.
– Ola Wiig in "Ekspertsykehuset"
Consultant paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet