Liver Cancer in 3D



The Challenge

Liver cancers are amongst the most commonly diagnosed cancers globally. In some cases, resection is used to remove the cancer. However, the result of this can be that much of the healthy tissue is also removed, making a second surgery impossible if the cancer returns. Increasingly, alternative techniques are being used to spare as much of the healthy liver as possible. Physicians are challenged by the limitations of current two-dimensional medical imaging, such as MR or CT, when trying to visualize a 3D pathology. 

The Solution

HoloCare allows for the creation of 3D holograms of a liver tumor, reconstructed from standard acquired medical images. The team of physicians is then able to interact with the hologram, rotate it to view the structure different angles, and thereby better understand their patient's anatomy.

"LiVIN tools can be used for any visible pathology in the liver, and help us to better understand the anatomy and pathology."
Illustration of a blue liver
– Bjørn Edwin
Interim Head of the Intervention Centre of Oslo University Hospitals