Mesenteric Visualization



The Challenge

In some cases, a removal of part of the mesentery from the abdominal cavity helps to slow or halt the spread of cancer, particularly in small and large intestinal cancer. However, the procedure can be dangerous considering the wide vascular supply throughout the mesentery. In addition, two-dimensional imaging of 3D pathology is still the primary means by which physician's attain understanding of individual patients. 

The Solution

CTrue supports physicians by providing a 3D visualization of the standard and abnormal structures within and around the mesentery, thereby enhancing their knowledge of the actual anatomy and pathology. 

"Having the ability to see our patients' complicated gut anatomy in 3D has really helped us to better understand the pathological processes involved in the spread of cancer."
– Dejan Ignjatovic
Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, and Consultant Surgeon at the Department of Digestive Surgery at Akershus University Hospital.