Remote Collaboration

COVID-19 Initiative

Sharing session between Tromsø and Oslo

The Challenge

During a pandemic, hospitals hold a large concentration of people infected with disease. Keeping these facilities open and running are a large determinant on whether the disease can be managed properly.

Continuing treatment at these facilities using personal protective equipment is not always sufficient to contain the spread of infection, neither for patients nor for critical-care personnel. Alternatively, reducing rates of transmission through social distancing is an effective technique for unknown and difficult-to-treat diseases. Building upon these social distancing guidelines, we saw an opportunity to pivot the use of our holographic technology towards giving healthcare personnel the ability to work at a safe distance from patients and other personnel.

The Solution

HoloCare is working overtime to ensure that we help to reduce the rate of contamination during the current pandemic. Using holographic communication we hope to find new innovative ways of allowing healthcare professionals to continue their work, while simultaneously helping clinics in reducing the rate of infection. Holocares Covid-19 initiative is a service that helps healthcare institutions to contain the spread of infectious diseases by providing tools using the HoloLens 2 that allow for remote guidance and communication.

Contact us and a representative will give you more information about how we can implement HoloCares COVID-19 Initiative at your facility.