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The HoloCare products consist both of mixed reality applications and supporting solutions such as the HoloCare Cloud Portal and the Academic Collaboration Network. To help new clients and members in setting up products and projects at their specific locations, we also offer various onboarding packages. Here are our three offers.

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HoloCare offers hospitals and research institutions the possibility to purchase training and research-ready applications.

The HoloCare applications include:

  • Pre-configured Microsoft HoloLens
  • Access to the HoloCare Cloud services
  • Online support
  • Feedback submission
  • Monthly “Get to meet your peers” meetings

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Available applications

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Academic Collaboration Network

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The Academic Collaboration Network gives institutions the possibility to communicate, share data and collaborate on research on holographic computing in health in international collaboration.

The Academic Collaboration Network includes:

  • Access to an online portal
  • Access to the HoloCare Cloud services
  • Communication channels
  • Information and possibility to participate in research projects
  • Possibility to submit solution- and research projects proposals
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HoloCare COVID 19 Initiative

Try HoloCares COVID-19 Initiative at your location.

HoloCare is working overtime to ensure that we help to reduce the rate of contamination during the current pandemic. Using holographic communication we hope to find new innovative ways of allowing healthcare professionals to continue their work, while simultaneously helping clinics in reducing the rate of infection. Holocares Covid-19 initiative is a service that helps healthcare institutions to contain the spread of infectious diseases by providing tools using the HoloLens 2 that allow for remote guidance and communication.

The HoloCare COVID-19 Initiative package includes:

  • Communication tools for Holographic MDT meetings
  • Intensivits conducting check ups holographically, avoiding traffic to isolated patients
  • Access Remote training and assistance of inexperienced personnel 
  • Holographic visits of quarantined patients and clinicians

Contact us and a representative will give you more information about how we can implement HoloCares COVID-19 Initiative at your facility. 

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