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PUBLISHED 18.02.2020

Open position for Interim CEO with a MedTech background

HoloCare AS was established in January 2020, and is in process of developing holographic solutions for medical imaging. Combining cloud computing, AI and  mixed reality solutions will open up brand new ways of planning, conducting surgeries and treating patients. All of our solutions are developed in close collaboration with research environments at renown hospitals. We support international and cross-institutional research and development collaborations. Through our vision, "Better health for all", HoloCare creates solutions and builds knowledge at the intersection between medicine and holographic computing. HoloCare will provide a safer treatment plan and help ensure the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. HoloCare's two shareholders are Sopra Steria AS and Inven2 AS.


Interim Chief Executive Officer with MedTech background

HoloCare is a ground breaking e-health software company with global ambitions which is looking for an interim CEO. The engagement could at a later stage enter into a permanent position.

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HoloCare, you have overall responsibility for realizing/driving our ambition to be a game changer in clinical treatment of patients.

Three years of targeted research and development have brought our technology to a stage of development, which means your most important job as CEO is to position and bring the solution to market by using principals of scaling modern software solutions in a global market.

You will work actively to enter into appropriate partnerships and licensing agreements with universities, hospitals and leading industry players. You will also work closely with an active board of directors as well as science and academic key opinion leaders.

You will build and staff the organisation based on the resources needed to ensure successful global market commercialization.

If you have extensive experience in scaling medical software technology companies, strong business understanding, commercial orientation and more senior software management experience, this is the job for you!

Proven track record from medical software commercialization and establishing regulatory requirements is a must. Knowledge of e-health within medical imaging and software as well as tender management is a plus, but no prerequisite for success. Others will describe you as a strategic, analytical and results oriented medical software executive. In addition, you must be an operative, proactive and driving leader with good relationship-building qualities delivering result with limited resources.

You thrive in an entrepreneurial environment where no tasks are neither too big nor too small. With us you join an ambitious team with the desire to create both commercial success and a ground-breaking technological solution that will help improve and extend life.

We are centrally located in Oslo Science Park.

For more details of the position, please contact Solfrid Skilbrigt, or Anki Jungmar,


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Open position for Interim CEO with a MedTech background

Published 18.02.2020

HoloCare is looking for an interim CEO with a MedTech background. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HoloCare, you have the overall responsibility for realizing/driving our ambition to be a game changer in clinical treatment of patients using holographic healthcare solutions.

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