Bjørn Edwin and Åsmund Fretland using the HoloCare Application LiVIN

Bjørn Edwin and Åsmund Fretland using the HoloCare Application LiVIN

PUBLISHED 08.03.2021

Medical Holographic Startup Company Raises Fresh Capital

The Norwegian start-up company HoloCare AS is focusing on the use of holograms in advance of surgical operations. Now shareholders put 15 MNOK on the table.

"It is one year since HoloCare was established, and in the short time the company has come along way in a short time creating a product, by developing both a research prototype and a solid go-to-market strategy," says Solfrid Skilbrigt, Chairman of HoloCare AS and Strategy Director at Sopra Steria.

Strengthening investments

The company HoloCare AS is a result of Inven2, Norway's largest player in the commercialisation of research, and the consultancy Sopra Steria joining forces to create a medical device company with a focus on the use of holographic in healthcare, HoloCare AS is developing a platform based on “Mixed Reality" holographic solutions which could significantly improve patient care, pre/surgical planning and aid to improved remote therapy. The solutions will be launched in a global market.

Solfrid Skilbrigt, Sopra Steria

“In the past year, HoloCare AS has developed a cloud platform with various clinical applications for advanced holographic visualization of organs for pre-operative planning. The platform also includes a service for the conversion of medical images into 3D models, which allows the surgeons at the forefront of an operation to get a completely unique spatial insight into the organ of interest” Skilbrigt says.

HoloCare AS is now focused working with the medical device regulators and hoping for a CE approval of the platform this summer. Initially, it means that it will be able to be used for research purposes. Efforts are simultaneously focused on the organization of the clinical trials for validation of the services that are expected to be commercialized and made available on the market in towards the end of 2022.

"The good results so far mean that we wished to strengthen our efforts and thus increase the investments. This is "leading edge" technology," says Skilbrigt.

Cutting-edge technology

It was the international Sopra Steria group, headquartered in Paris, which chose to invest in the Norwegian start up. Previously, they have invested NOK 20 million in the company, and are now going in with 10 million more. Inven2 also chooses to enter capital,  to enable early-stage growth. Olav Steinnes, Chief financial officer of Inven2, says that they are very optimistic about the initiative:

"HoloCare AS is developing cutting-edge new technology that will help improve the utilization of health care resources and improve patient care. The company has established a strong international  team and collaborates with outstanding clinical, technology and Healthtech backgrounds and AI expertise in Sopra Steria. Inven2 considers the company as a very interesting investment opportunity and has decided to participate in the issue with NOK 5 million," he says.

Gry Dahle
In addition, a small group of medical researchers, who have been part of the project from its humble beginnings, have also bought into the company.

Alison Sundset, CEO of HoloCare, says she is very delighted and proud that Inven2 and Sopra Steria continue support the company moving forward:

"We have worked dedicatedly to further develop and commercialized the research projects that the HoloCare consortium*, led by Oslo University Hospital and Sopra Steria,  have developed together since 2016. This investment is a major and important milestone for the company. With the investment, we hope to expand more rapidly and speed up market entry," she says.

A new emission is expected at the end of this year. The owners will open the way for more strategic players to buy into the company as HoloCare AS progresses towards a launch into an international market.


*The HoloCare Consortium 2016-2019 consisted of: The Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Sopra Steria, Gastrosurgical Department at Akershus University Hospital, The Children's Section, Mental Health at OUS, The Research Department at Sunnaas Hospital, the Research and Innovation Department at Østfold Hospital, and Norway Health Tech.


Contact Details

Solfrid Skilbrigt, Sopra Steria: 90 55 10 86/

Olavs Steinnes, Inven2: 90 05 12 19/

Alison Sundset, HoloCare: 93 43 84 32/


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Medical Holographic Startup Company Raises Fresh Capital

Published 08.03.2021

The Norwegian start-up company HoloCare AS is focusing on the use of holograms in advance of surgical operations. Now shareholders put 15 MNOK on the table.

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