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PUBLISHED 11.02.2019

HoloCare receives 16 million NOK in funding

The project "HoloCare Cloud", has been granted 16 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway.

The programme is called "Brukerstyrt Innovasjonsarena", which translates into "User-Driven Research-Based Innovation", and funds industry-oriented research with good business and socio-economic potential.

For the money granted we will set up a cloud platform with commercial access to selected HoloCare applications, such as that of TruHeart and HoloNav. We will also work with machine learning for automated image segmentation. Through a secure connection to a cloud solution,  our services will enable a global marketplace for Norwegian-developed solutions for patient-specific holographic visualization.

To learn more, visit the programme's web page.


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Summer students at HoloCare

Published 08.06.2020

Summer students joined HoloCare for 6 weeks completing their internships for Sopra Steria. They worked with the development team and clinicians in improving communication during virtual multi-disciplinary meetings using HoloCares holographic solution.

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Hacking the COVID-19 solution

Published 29.04.2020

HoloCare is launching its new disease mitigation solution to challenge the ongoing pandemic, HoloCare COVID-19 Initiative.

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Commercialising Norwegian holographic healthcare solutions on a global basis

Published 05.02.2020

Oslo: Inven2 and Sopra Steria founded the private limited company, HoloCare AS, as part of its public-private initiative in the area of holographic healthcare solutions.

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