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From left Elin Melby (Inven2), Ronny Jevard (Sopra Steria), Solfrid Skilbrigt (Sopra Steria), Erik Fosse (OUS), Ole Jakob Elle (OUS), John Berland (Sopra Steria), Ole Kristian Hjelstuen (Inven2), Kjell Rusti (Sopra Steria).

PUBLISHED 05.02.2020

Commercialising Norwegian holographic healthcare solutions on a global basis

Oslo: Inven2 and Sopra Steria founded the private limited company, HoloCare AS, as part of its public-private initiative in the area of holographic healthcare solutions. 

“Our ownership of HoloCare AS means that we’re now actively assisting in the commercialisation of Norwegian research for improved visualisation using holograms in medical scenarios. Our goal is to establish these solutions in a global market and position the company as an important provider within the mixed reality segment”, says Ole Kristian Hjelstuen. Hjelstuen is the CEO at Inven2, Norway’s largest stakeholder within the commercialisation of research.

Kjell Rusti, CEO of Sopra Steria Norway, says that the creation of the new private limited company is an important milestone in Sopra Steria’s global innovation and partnership with the hospitals of the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

“This is a success story that showcases the potential of public-private partnerships. Together we are innovative and execute tasks well. Interdisciplinary cooperation between clinicians, technicians and developers mean that we can achieve things together that would not be possible on our own” he says.

According to Rusti, Sopra Steria will be providing both capital and expertise in the new company.

“We will use our international organisation in 25 countries to create a basis for commercial expansion and success. We are both proud and humbled to be involved in creating healthcare solutions that will benefit patients throughout the world”, he says.

Initially, there are three clinical applications in the company portfolio: OrthoNav, an app for planning surgery for children with hip disorders, TruHeart, which is used in surgery on children with congenital heart disease and HoloNav which is used in liver cancer surgery.

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Would like more public-private partnership

Ole Kristian Hjelstuen says that the partnership between Inven2 and Sopra Steria can be seen in the context of the recently adopted parliamentary report on the Norwegian health industry, where exactly this type of public-private partnership is favoured as an important means of increasing competitiveness”.

“The HoloCare partnership is unique in the Norwegian health sector. It has the potential to create a lot of value and to put Norwegian research into global markets”, says Hjelstuen.

The new company will be located in the Science Park, and John Berland, the innovation director at Sopra Steria, will be CEO. Upon its establishment, HoloCare AS was valued at NOK 40 million, and Sopra Steria and Inven2 went in as equal owners.

– Positive feedback

A virtual object, e.g. a 3D model of a patient’s organ, can be placed on top of the patient using Microsoft HoloLens glasses. In this way, the surgeon will be able to see the virtual organ during the operation, and there is a greater likelihood that the operation will be successful. For now, the HoloCare apps are being sold to university hospitals, where there is a lot of interest in using them in a research context.

“We have presented our HoloCare solutions in many places in Europe, the latest one being the international MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf in November. Feedback from the target groups was very positive”, says Rusti.

The story behind HoloCare goes back to the autumn of 2016 when Oslo University Hospital and Sopra Steria embarked on a groundbreaking research project to develop applications based on Microsoft HoloLens.


Important innovation support

The project has been receiving innovation funding from the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, and in addition to Oslo University Hospital, both Sunnaas and Akershus University Hospitals participated in the development cooperation. In March 2020, the technology will be made available to clinicians and technicians throughout the world via the cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. This will be made possible via the HoloCare Cloud project that is financed through the Programme for User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA) at the Research Council of Norway.

“I really can’t praise the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority enough for the support they have given us in this project. HoloCare AS would not exist today without the funds they injected into the project while it was still in its infancy. My hope now is that HoloCare AS will establish itself as a world leader in holographic imaging within healthcare”, says Kjell Rusti.


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Commercialising Norwegian holographic healthcare solutions on a global basis

Published 05.02.2020

Oslo: Inven2 and Sopra Steria founded the private limited company, HoloCare AS, as part of its public-private initiative in the area of holographic healthcare solutions.

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