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PUBLISHED 08.06.2020

Summer students at HoloCare

Summer students joined HoloCare for 6 weeks completing their internships for Sopra Steria. They worked with the development team and clinicians in improving communication during virtual multi-disciplinary meetings using HoloCares holographic solution.

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PUBLISHED 29.04.2020

Hacking the COVID-19 solution

HoloCare is launching its new disease mitigation solution to challenge the ongoing pandemic, HoloCare COVID-19 Initiative.

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PUBLISHED 05.02.2020

Commercialising Norwegian holographic healthcare solutions on a global basis

Oslo: Inven2 and Sopra Steria founded the private limited company, HoloCare AS, as part of its public-private initiative in the area of holographic healthcare solutions.

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PUBLISHED 22.08.2019

Chasing holograms – the future of HoloLens development

Scott Leaman, mixed reality lead of Sopra Steria and HoloCare developer, gave a talk on this years NDC (Norwegian developers conference) in Oslo.

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PUBLISHED 09.08.2019

Innovation in public health sector

During the HoloCare Conference, HealthTalk had an interview with Norway’s Minister of Digitalisation where he talked about innovation in the public health sector

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PUBLISHED 21.06.2019

"It's like x-ray vision"

The project manager of OrthoNav, Ola Wiig, has been interviewed by the Norwegian Medical Association. In the interview, Wiig explains how using HoloLens technology gives him a sense of x-ray vision.

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PUBLISHED 04.06.2019

Localization of tumor in the liver in less time and giving equal accuracy when using holograms

Researchers working with the HoloViz project, have published a study on the increased spatial understanding of liver anatomy using holograms. The study shows equal accuracy of localization of the tumor in the liver was achieved in only ¼ of the time using holograms compared to using MRI.

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PUBLISHED 13.05.2019

More efficient and safer bowel cancer surgery using holograms

This easter a Norwegian engineering magazine, Teknisk Ukeblad, dedicated a four-page article about the HoloCare project CTrue.

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PUBLISHED 12.04.2019

The HoloCare Conference: Faster horses and radical innovation

In March, the very first HoloCare conference took place in Oslo. We presented how clinicians globally will soon be able to deliver even better patient care through innovative use of holograms.

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PUBLISHED 13.03.2019

HoloLens 2 has been announced and has several exciting new possibilites

HoloLens 2 was recently announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A specific date for the actual launch has not been set yet, but there is hope to get a hand of one by the summer.

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PUBLISHED 11.02.2019

Ola Wiig, project manager of OrthoNav, is the Innovator of the Month

The project manager of OrthoNav, Ola Wiig, is the Innovator of the Month in Helse Sør-Øst (regional health authority in Norway).

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PUBLISHED 11.02.2019

HoloCare receives 16 million NOK in funding

The project "HoloCare Cloud", has been granted 16 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway.

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PUBLISHED 16.01.2019

HoloCare Conference 2019

A paradigm shift in personalized medicine

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PUBLISHED 21.11.2018

“MITAT Best Investigator Award” for research on the clinical use of HoloLens

At the joint conference SMIT2018-IBEC2018 in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Egidijus Pelanis presented research on the use of Microsoft HoloLens for liver surgery planning.

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PUBLISHED 31.10.2018

Dr. Henrik Brun brings TruHeart to Guyana

This fall, project manager of TruHeart Dr. Henrik Brun, visited Guyana for one week, as part of his involvement in The International Children’s Heart Foundation.

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